About TGI
Company introduction
TGI was founded in Nov. 1993.  Now its employees has exceeded two hundred with a capital of NT$200 Million.  Over the decades of innovation and breakthrough, TGI successfully carved out Taiwan, China and Europe market in extraordinary and highly stable quality control as well as the accumulated expertise and customer-oriented service.  TGI was marked a bright new page in the history of traditional electronics industry.
The singular vision that has powered TGI from placing the right people in the right place at the right time also contains humanity first and sustainable operation.
After three to four times of expansion and transformation, TGI has been grown rapidly and enabling to satisfy the higher needs of clients with constantly advanced equipments, upgraded products, reduced raw material costs and improved product's competitiveness.
TGI, as the pioneer of power management technology among Asia, desires to make even greater contributions to the high efficient rectifiers.  In the future, TGI will continuously work hard in Taiwan and face all kinds of challenges.  Then make the most of the energy conserving and benefits all of our stakeholders.